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Mission as Life Trips

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Mission as Life mission trips
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Family Mission Trips

Mission as Life mission trips
Mission as Life Trips for Families
See McDowell County, West Virginia. Some of Appalachia’s—and America’s—most distressed people...

They are God’s so-loved children, journeying through life like you and me. Except. . .many have no job, no education, and no hope. More are disabled. Nearly half live in poverty, and hardly a handful see any way out.

See your family in Appalachia...

Repairing an elderly widow’s roof. Or tutoring an eager student in math and reading skills. You can build the confidence to succeed in a young mind . You can introduce children to drama, music, art, or video production .You can help raise the dignity, self-reliance, and hope of an entire community.

See your family for a lifetime...

Carrying Jesus’ heart for His world. Giving joyfully to missions. Praying with fervor and faith. Faithfully serving somebody in your own town. Embracing Godly character and values. You, your church, and your community will never be the same—in a life-transforming way!

family short term mission tripsWe want to enable families to make service a vital part of their family life. We have created the opportunity for families to serve together as a unit, children working with parents. This can take place over a long weekend (outside the time of the summer trips) or week long time frame (year round). Families are able to serve the elderly, do home repair or serve in any number of ways.

What you can expect:
Hard Work - the best kind--helping others.

Spiritual Growth - Get to know Christ better as you let your arms and legs serve others in His love. Explore what God's Word says about the poor and what it means to be a servant. Have opportunities to apply what you learn each and every day.

Fun - the best kind--being with others.

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